Consulting Services

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                    Load and Price Forecasting    

  • Short-Term Operational Load Forecast
  • Long Term Load Forecast
  • Electricity Price Forecast
  • Power System Losses Forecast


                    Electric Power System Analysis and Operation

  • Generation and Load Interconnection studies. The generation technologies include:
  • thermal generators (coal, gas)
  • wind farms
  • solar generation plants
  • Power System Planning and Operational Studies
  • Power System studies using price-driven dispatch
  • Generator Maintenance Schedule Optimization
  • Electricity Supply Adequacy Analysis
  • Power System Reliability Studies


                    Business and Strategic Consulting

  • Generation Interconnection process for transmission and distribution connection clients
  • Generator Loss Factor analysis using the Incremental Loss Factor (ILF) methodology
  • Economic and Feasibility Analysis for Power Producers
  • Power System Strategic Planning
  • Regulatory Support
  • Electricity Market Analysis